I was born in Como on January, 24, 1984.

After a technical training at school and a degree in industrial design, and after many years playing guitar, I decided to merge my big passions and give a casual try to instrument building.

After a few prototypes, a lot of study, and thanks to the advice and collaboration of experienced Italian and foreign luthiers, in the summer of 2006 I decided to do that as my job, and specialized in building acoustic and electric Hawaiian steel guitars, still a big part of my production and my main instrument as a player.


Since then, I have worked as a luthier, alternating instrument building and design, aiming at a balance between tradition and innovation. My work has been appreciated by such players as Cindy Cashdollar, Ben Harper (both own Reani steel Guitars), Bob Brozman and Don Rooke, who also gave me precious advice, and by guitar collectors who let me study their instruments to understand the “secrets” of famous historical models.

A net of artisan pals/collaborators and my experience with mechanics allow me to produce “in house” even metal parts and to experiment with alternative materials that have been part of the electric steel guitar story since its heydays in the 1920s.


Since 2007 I am the main stringed instrument repairer for most music shop in my area.

On the side of my business I am also active at teaching and divulging steel and slide guitar techniques in general (in 2008 I held seminars in Accademia Lizard in Varese about “History, building and playing techniques of Hawaiian Guitar”, and I ran for years the only Italian blog about slide and steel guitar).

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Want a custom guitar? A One Piece?? A Masterbuilt??? Let’s talk about it!!! Contact me and we will discuss a project together, we’ll choose woods, materials and specs, I’ll make you a quote and I’ll realize your dream!

Amps Manteinance

With my expert technicians I offer tube and transistor amps maintenance and repair. Everything after a quote. Let’s give a voice to your playing!


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Here you find our brand new BRASS BRIDGE PINS, handmade, fully customizable with different materials dots, wood, mother of pearl, abalon, turtoise, to give a brand new look to your guitar!

But the look is only a secondary aspect: brass is the real innovation, it gives to your guitar a much more bright sound and much more sustain.

We made some tests with a spectrum analyzer to demonstrate it!


Normal bridge pins.






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