Hi! My name is Roberto Reani, founder of Reani Guitars, I was born in Como on 24 January 1984.

I obtained a degree in INDUSTRIAL DESIGN in 2006 at the Politecnico di Milano.

These are my main passions in life: woodworking, music and guitars. I work as a full-time luthier, alternating the repair of acoustic and electric instruments and the construction and design of my custom-made instruments and components, where I aim for the best balance between tradition, ergonomics and innovation.

My background allow me to work many components by hand to develop unique and customized tools to customer specifications. I created my own line of electric guitars, the Bellagio Guitars, in which

I merged my ideas of design, feeling, materials, electronic, to get a sound and versatility that make my creations unique. Come and try them in the lab!


Via Michelangelo, 8

22038  Tavernerio  (CO)


+39 031 4491526

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