I graduated in 2003 as a Mechanical Expert and then graduated in Industrial Design in 2006. These studies and the wealth of skills acquired over time allow me to design and produce classical, acoustic or electric guitars, with each client, on its specifications needs and desires.


The traditional work of restoring and repairing vintage instruments has pushed me to the design and production of original instruments, with a particular care in the choice of materials and aesthetics up to the point of personally constructing the individual custom-made components, in search of the perfect balance between tradition and innovation.


Obviously it’s the love of music that drives my work and my research. The music listened to, played and the instruments in general, love that led me to become passionate about the different techniques of woodworking and materials.


In my workshop I like to see the desires that come to life. Always next to the musician we start from an idea, to arrive at a project on paper until its realization. Every smallest construction step, every choice and every solution is always guided by research and the need to satisfy your desires.

Repair Job

Every instrument is precious, every instrument must be valued for its owner. From simple everyday maintenance to more complex and innovative changes, I always choose, together with the customer, the best solution for every need or problem.


For several years I have been carrying out a series of personalized courses aimed at teaching the basics to get you into the world of guitar making and instrument maintenance, combining this activity with my usual work in the lab.

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