La Bellagio

I have spent the last few years drawing this guitar, it is my latest project :The Bellagio.

I can consider this guitar the “pearl” of my electric guitars production and with this concept it was baptized with the name of one of the most beautiful villages overlooking my Lake Como: Bellagio, the pearl of the lake.

I am particularly proud of the result that I gained at after several prototypes that led me to the final model.

The elegant “offset” shape of the body has  an excellent ergonomic line and an ideal weight balance. The body, in American pine, is light and the natural vibrations of this wood make it exceptionally resonant. The Bellagio is lacquered with a thin layer of nitrosynthetic-based paint  in order to not to compromise the characteristic tone of this essence. The end result is an ergonomic, light, resonant and aesthetically fascinating body that, restores to the musician the sound of the wood itself.

The inspiration for the golden era of the electric guitar does not stop at the design of the body, modern but with a clear vintage flavor. The  pickups and the electronic, aims to obtain a typical sound of the 60s. My goal is to deliver to each guitarist his instrument, to accompany him according to his choices, his needs and his rules. This approach drives me to make every guitar entirely by hand, with top quality components, with dedication and love.


Acero Termotrattato

Thermo-treatment is a process that treat the wood to temperatures between 330 ° and 430 ° F. This treatment takes place in a controlled and oxygen-free atmosphere. After this treatment, the physical and mechanical properties of the wood are modified, improving it in terms of mechanical resistance and resonance.

Piastra a Sfioro

The custom neck plate is made of stainless steel and it is carefully fit in the body of the guitar. This solution gives, in addition to an elegant and refined appearance, an increase of vibrations in this crucial point which is the neck/body junction.


Pino Americano

The American Pine (Pinus Palustris) and the Roasted Maple neck are the heart of the Bellagio project. The choice to use a conifer for the body stems from the desire to enrich the voice of the electric guitar with the typical harmonics of acoustic instruments. This combination gives to the project a particular and unique voice.


Stagionatura Naturale

Each component used for the construction of these guitars is naturally seasoned for a minimum of 5 years in our workshop. We do our best to maintain constant temperature and humidity. Only in this way we can obtain a stable and very resonant instrument.

Extended Info


  • model: Bellagio
  • body: Yellow Pine
  • finish: Ocean Green
  • neck: Flamed Roasted Maple
  • fingerboard: Brazilian Rosewood
  • bridge: Short t bridge
  • machine heads: Kluson deluxe®, 6-on-a-side
  • pickguard: Mint three ply
  • neck pickup: Lollar® Goldfoil
  • bridge pickup: Lollar® Goldfoil
  • fretwire: Stainless steel
  • controls: Cupcake white knobs
  • weight: 3.1 Kg
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